*From Vibra-Tite™*
Threadlockers, VC-3™, Thread Sealants, Retaining Compounds, Liquid Gasketing, Lubricants, Cyanoacrylates, Light Cure Adhesives, Bonding Products

Adhesives, Lubricants, Metal Repair & Cleaning Products
*From ITW Devcon/Permatex®*
Fast Orange® Hand Cleaner, Gasketing, Threadlockers, Sealants, Adhesives, Specialized Maintenance & Repair Products, Disposable Gloves, Cleaners, Lubricants, Metal Repair, Rubber Repair Urethanes, Wear/Abrasion Compounds, Floor Repair/Coatings, Epoxy Adhesives.

AFIXX Alliance Blind Rivets
3/32" thru 1/4" Diameters in All Aluminum, Aluminum/Steel,
All Steel, Stainless/Steel, All Stainless and Copper.
Painted, Multigrip, Closed End .

Blind Rivet Tools
Hand and Air/Hydraulic Tools for 3/32" -1/4" Diameter Rivets.

Cable Ties
*From ACT Fastening Solutions*
4" thru 48" Lengths - Standard, Releasable,
Screw Mounts - Mounting Pads - Variety of Colors - Stainless Steel

Clevis Pins
*From G.L. Huyett*
Sizes 3/16" thru 2" in Plain, Zinc, and Stainless Steel .

Cotter Pins
*From Western Wire Products*
1/32" thru 3/4" Diameters in Plain, Plated, Cadmium, Stainless Steel, 316 Stainless Steel, Brass, Monel, and Aluminum.

"D" Rings
*From Western Wire Products*
Wire Size .080" thru .177"
Zinc Coated, Stainless Steel, Brass, Nickel Coated

Gib Head Machinery Keys
*From G.L. Huyett*
Sizes 3/16" thru 1" in Plain Steel.

Hanger Bolts
*From Hanger Bolt & Stud*
Domestic Hanger Bolts, Dowel Screws and Roll Threaded Studs - Sizes #8-32 thru ½" - Carbon Steel and Stainless Steel

Hitch Pins
*From Western Wire Products*
Zinc Coated and Stainless Steel
External Hitch Pins also Available

Hog Rings
*From Western Wire Products*
13 Gage Galvanized and 12-½ Gage Copper Coated
Sizes 5/8" to 7/8" - Handy Hog Ringers Standard and Heavy Duty

Kap Toggle®
The Strongest, Hassle-Free Way to Hang Almost Anything on Hollow Surfaces, Such as Sheetrock, Fiberglass, Paneled Walls & Ceilings.

*From G.L. Huyett *
1/16" thru 2-½" in 1' and 3' Lengths in Plain, Zinc Plated, & Stainless Steel.   DIN 6880 Metric Sizes, Oversized Tolerances, High Carbon, and Assortments Available.

Machinery Keys Standard
*From G.L. Huyett*
Sizes 1/16" thru 2" in Plain Steel.

Packaged Products
Domestic Grade 8 Hex Head Cap Screws, Nylon Insert Locknuts, 12 Point Flange Screws, Domestic USS & SAE Through Hardened Washers, Alloy Split Lockwashers

Paints, Lubricants & Cleaners
*From Krylon® Industrial*
Tough Coat® Enamels
Rust Tough® Enamels
"5-Ball" Paints, General Purpose paints,
Inverted marking Paints, Tri-Flow® Industrial
Lubricants, Sprayon™ Neutra-Force®
Cleaners, and Zinc Rich Cold Galvanizing Compound

*From Sherex Fastening Solutions*
4-40” thru ½” & M4 thru M12, Thread Size, in Large & Small Flange and Knurled Large & Small Flange – Materials include Aluminum, Steel and Stainless Steel.




Slotted Spring Pins/Coiled Pins
*From Spirol® International*
1/16" thru ½" Diameters in Plain, Plated and Stainless.

*From Western Wire Products*
Zinc Coated and Stainless Steel
Wire size .080" thru .375"

Safety Pin Fasteners
*From Western Wire Products*
Zinc Coated - Sizes 1-1/4" thru 2-1/4"

Socket Screw Products
*From Camcar, LLC.*
Domestic Socket Head Cap Screws, Socket Button Head Cap Screws, Socket Flat Countersunk Head Cap Screws, Socket Shoulder Screws, Socket Set Screws, Hex Keys, Dowel Pins, Specials.
FlorTorx® II Threadforming Floor Screws.

Step Keystock
*From G.L. Huyett*
Sizes 3/16" thru 1" in Plain.   Assortments available.

Taper Pins
7/0 thru #13 - Steel and Stainless Steel

TEC Series™ Washers;
*From Sherex Fastening Solutions*
Keeps joints secure using tention rather than friction, unlike traditional locking fasteners.
#5 thru 2½", M3 thru M72
Standard and Large Outer Diameters

Threaded Rod
2-56 thru 2" diameter in 3' Lengths Plain
6-32 thru 2" diameter in 3' Lengths Zinc Plated
1/4" thru 1-½" diameter in 3' lengths B7 Plain
8-32 thru 7/8" diameter in 1' lengths in Zinc
1/4" thru 1" diameter in 6' & 10' lengths in Zinc

Wire Connectors
*From ACT Fastening Solutions*
Standard and Wing Style Connectors. Versatile Size Selection Covers Wire Combinations from #22 to #10 AWG.   Color-Coded for Easy Size Selection.

Woodruff Keys
*From G.L. Huyett*
1/16" thru 3/4" Diameters in all Standard Sizes - Carbon, Alloy & Stainless Steel.   Assortments available.

*Made in the USA*
Domestic Vinyl Dipped and EPDM Cushioned Wire & Tubing Clamps, Clamping Diameters 1/4”-2”. Other styles and sizes Available.

Wire Thread Inserts / Lokserts
*From PowerCoil®*
Kits, and Packets. Available in USS and Metric Sizes. Lokserts® solid one-piece insert.






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